Thursday, 14 April 2011

Temp-O and Trail-O at the JK

It has now been confirmed on the JK 2011 event website that there will be Temp-O at this year's JK in Northern Ireland. Details of this and the two Trail-O events are included in the Final Details.

This must be one of the most international Trail-O events held in UK/Ireland with entries from GBR, IRL, NOR, SWE, DEN, FIN, CZE, GER, JPN and ESP. Many of these are well known for their exploits at World and European stage so it will tough for the Brits and Irish.

Courses look long at 3.2km and 3.5km (both 21 controls and 2 TCs) which should favour the younger, fitter guys. The combination of courses closing at 18:30 and max times of 159 and 168 mins mean those starting around the 16:30 last start will have to be quick!


  1. Hi John

    It's Julianna here. I have just found your blog through Fruzsi Biro's blog as she is one of your "followers". I am now totally out of TrailO, but as I like and support her I still read the news. All the best from Hungary!


  2. Hi

    nice to hear from you