Friday, 27 January 2012

British Trail-O Championships 2012 in March on Anglesey


British Trail Orienteering Championships 2012 - March 17/18, possibility for training on Fri 16th as well.

Terrain: Newborough forest on the Isle of Anglesey: forested sand dunes (as is Tentsmuir)

Map: 1:5,000 2.5m contours ISOM (same basic spec as Tentsmuir)

Sat: a 2/3 length Trail-O course designed as a model for the following day plus (hopefully, subject to some felling that is going on and is the reason the permissions decision has been delayed) a short course comprising only A flags (or maybe only Z flags ... or maybe some of each!)

Sun: British Trail-Orienteering Championships. Elite class only, all welcome, UK and otherwise)

Note there is a bridge forom mainland Wales to the Isle of Anglesey

Please contact for more information

and sorry for the delay for those who have known this was provisionally on for some time now.